Mediamonkey error updating database Sxe camdobai

Posted by / 26-Oct-2020 10:04

After its first start, you will get selected the first drive from the database that is missing and other options will be set to their default blank/unchecked states; if you change some option in the dialog box and start the update, the settings will be remembered in the Media file, so the next opening of the dialog box will show those last settings.

With the Old drive and Old path combo boxes you should set the old location of files (source) and with the New path text box you should set the new location of files (destination).

In the New path text box you should specify the base folder which would replace the old one after applied the Update option.

This means that you will get updated all files from that folder and its sub(-sub)-folders recursively.

This also means that you should select the root of the drive in the Old path combo box if you want to update all files from that drive.

In another words, of all my media and playlist files referenced in the database I have 240 files that are psychically missing on the location that I have specified with the Old path.

It is not displayed how many media or playlist files are existing/missing individually, but only for their sum.

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For example, if my Old location shows "228831 media files 1329 playlist files, 229920 existing 240 missing", that means that I have 228831 records about media files and 1329 records containing the information about playlist files stored into the database.

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