Matchmaker dating episode

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Matchmaker dating episode

Now, Richie has to find the answers to his alien heritage, while hiding the true motives behind the fabricated romance between him and Elle. Not much, besides fighting seven mega-powerful alien heirs who threaten to destroy everything he loves.

Barney takes Ted to matchmaker Ellen Pierce, but while Barney gets thrown out, Ellen promises to find a woman for Ted within three days.

The only contestants he ever saw were the ones he successfully matched.

To start the show off, he gave each potential date a miniature interview, asking them about their hobbies and profession.

The two remaining saw the romantic lead's picture, and Dave asked each one a question about them (for example, "Is that what you thought they'd look like? The two remaining would play a bonus round to decide where they would spend their date out of three possible choices.

Before the show, each were asked to give lists of likes and dislikes in specific categories (for example, favorite sitcoms or breakfast foods). For the first list, three of the romantic lead's favorites would be shown.

Dave asked the remaining four people questions about love and romance.

CBS Television City, Los Angeles, CA Sheldon Allman The main from The All-New Let's Make a Deal was reused as a win cue.

Computerized dating booths appear out of nowhere and all the girls in Beverly Hills, including Sam, Alex, and Mandy, are addicted to them.

But, only two will leave here together for a romantic encounter that could lead to…well, who knows? The show began with six potential dates; three men and three women.

Dave could not see any of them, nor could they see each other.

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They are introduced to their ideal boyfriend in the process.

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