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It's an interesting -like way to tell a story, but it's also confusing. 's first season, at least from the camera's perspective. Is there anything else the attorney should know, she asks? This is when Frank finds out that Ben Caspere, the city planner, hasn't been to work in two days. Here's the very first impression we get, without a word: A large bowl of what look likes milk sits in the middle of a glass coffee table. " The place is a mess, in the way that movies and TV shows tell you bad guys have been here looking for something. The only obvious thing we know is missing from the house is his computer, which Dixon points out. "This man in the 90s," the Russian says about Frank to no one in particular, smiling. Once again, Jordan steps in to play diplomat and ease the tension. Back at the party, Frank, alone, pitches the group on the billion high-speed rail project that would begin construction next year. To combat the confusion, we'll break "The Western Book of the Dead" into sections divided by characters. Ray tries to cheer him up by asking if he likes his new shoes. He tells his son to keep his head up and be strong. Ray sits at the end of a table, wearing a bolo tie, sporting a most of a tough guy's handlebar mustache. The meeting brings the painfully obvious into question: Are we sure that Chad is Ray's son, biologically speaking? Chad is his son, and that's all there is to it, as far as he's concerned. Ray's ex-wife was beaten and raped nine months before Chad was born. "No," Ray says, "I welcome judgment." That leads into the episode's only flashback, a scene set a dozen years ago where Ray meets Frank, who says he can name the rapist. Caspere was supposed to make the railway pitch at the party. Inside, a Barbie doll-sized nude Asian model floats, breasts exposed. Picture someone with a knife cutting through pillows. In Caspere's bedroom, at the foot of the bed, there is a small chest full of sex toys. Based on what he hears and sees, Velcoro assumes two things: The city manager's been kidnapped, and his bosses already know that. Meanwhile, back at the Vinci Gardens Casino party for the proposed railway, Osip Agranov arrives and greets Frank warmly. Agranov introduces Bugulari to Frank, says they didn't meet in Paris, though we don't know when that was or why they were there. Jordan escorts the visitors to meet others in attendance, like contractors. The car hits a bump on the highway, and the passenger in the back seat slumps against the window. Anticipating the project, several holding companies have already purchased land adjacent to the proposed railway, and they're expecting hundreds of millions in federal grants. A New York City proposal to ban the sale of foie gras, the fattened liver of a duck or goose, has the backing of animal welfare advocates, but could mean trouble for farms outside the city that are the premier U. At a time when the threat of a mass shooting is ever-present, schools are among the most enthusiastic adopters of the technology, known as real-time video analytics or intelligent video, even as civil liberties groups warn about a threat to privacy.What I learned, besides fascinating facts about rabies, its transmission and the horrible ways one can die from it, was that any one of us is a mere cat scratch away from financial peril if we aren't lucky enough to have good health insurance.We watch from above and outside as the characters travel and intersect. Here, she finds here sister, Athena, who is not ashamed. Ray Velcoro sits in a chair while the chief of police discusses the LA Times article, which talks about "municipal salaries, undocumented workers, pollution, policing practices." They transition immediately to news that the Vinci city manager, Ben Caspere, has disappeared. It's not clear whether Patrolman Woodrugh took her up on her offer, but in the next scene, we learn that Woodrugh gets suspended — put on paid administrative leave — because of the incident. I am no good on the sidelines." He mentions something unexplained, unprovoked, as he leaves the room. We were working for America." Sounds like maybe civilian contractors in Afghanistan or Iraq. The challenge within the first episode is that it is nearly an hour's worth of dense exposition presented at a steady clip. It's characters being established and built in front of you. We're just learning gobs of information in scene after seemingly unrelated scene. The first episode's title alludes to the , an ancient collection of Egyptian texts designed to assist the deceased on the journey through the afterlife. The collection's medium spans from wall engravings to papyrus and encompasses illustrations, spells and other religious texts. It's a missing person's case, the Chief and a Lieutenant say. The woman he pulled over, the actress Lacey Lindel, says that Woodrugh solicited oral sex. There's a party in the Vinci Gardens Casino ballroom, and the establishing shot centers on a large poster advertising the California Central Rail Corridor.

Not surprisingly, it was a small, but boisterous Trump rally.

He's securing funds in partnership with Ben Caspere, the Vinci, California city planner. He changes his mind, turns the light back on, and pulls off to a rest area on the side of the road, shuts off the engine.

He has an office at the Vinci Gardens Casino, where the investor-focused fundraiser takes place.

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