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Linux shell programing validating date

[ "$leapyear" -ne 0 -a "$month" -eq 02 -a "$day" -gt 28 ]; then echo "Too many days for February...

The user takes action to add the new certificate to the storage file and user owns the responsibility to update the input text file with the new certificate... I want to validate date pattern using Regex expression here is the sample program i have written. /bin/sh check Date="2010-04-09" regex="\d-\d-\d$" echo $regex if ] then echo "OK" else echo "not OK" fi But the ouput is...This is what I have to check date entries in an interactive script with the end users... while :; do echo "Enter starting invoice date (CCYYMMDD or Quit): \c" read DATE1 CENT1=`echo $DATE1 | cut -c1,2` YR1=`echo $DATE1 | cut -c3,4` MO1=`echo $DATE1 | cut -c5,6` DD1=`echo $DATE1 | cut -c7,8` case "$CENT1" in 19 | 20 ) ;; * ) echo "Invalid Century, please re-enter entire date. datecalc -j 2000 2 29 returns a Modified Julian Day Number while datecalc -j 2002 2 29 returns an error message. The error message goes to stderr while the MJD goes to stdout. HI, i have row like this HHH100037440313438961000201001012012073110220002 N in this i have 2 dates in pos 25-32 and 33-40 , so based upon the se two dates , i need to generated records between these two values so in the above record 2010010731 need to genearte rows like this...I use this to build control cards for a reporting utility supplied by a software vendor. \n" ;; esac case "$MO1" in 01|02|03|04|05|06|07|08|09|10|11|12 ) ;; * ) echo "Invalid Month, please re-enter entire date. Hi All, I am trying to print the dates that falls between 2 date variables into a file. $BUS_DATE =20120616 $SUB_DATE=20120613 Output to file should be : 20120613,20120614,120120615,20120616 Can you pls help me accomplish this in LINUX. Hi guys, For my wiki site I need to fix 1400 pages that use the wrong date format, most pages (not all) use eg.Ok first glance it looked simple, it use a variable to check this date value as number and... If that script runs on the sunday i want to execute another script on following wednesday. My wednesday scripts needs to check the sunday run log timestamp and if it matches it should run. Hi I have below file with 3 rd column as date ....i want to make 3 column to mm/dd/yyyy .in the below file 2 row date is like 1/23/1994 so i want to append '0' to month i,e.

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