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So, back on the 883, I learned that the little H-D twin idled at 10 mph. When I tried this experiment on the 883, I found I could only get down to about 5 mph before the Harley twin started to complain.

That’s okay for lots of stuff, but I felt it was a little fast for close work. What I found was that I could add a little rear brake and the bike would slow down to an indicated two mph without the engine bogging, lugging or stalling. But still, I believe most people would find they could do almost everything they needed to do in a parking lot at 5 mph.

For years, I’ve been working on a set of motorcycle techniques I call Fearless Riding.

If you take five minutes to try the five experiments described below, you may discover a new way to control your bike at slow speeds.

Then let the engine idle and ease the clutch all the way out (remember your Takeoff distance). If I tried to focus on one gray spot on the asphalt among thousands of gray spots on the asphalt, I would lose focus and wobble.When I did manage to keep my focus on a specific point way back there, I would sometimes hit bumps or humps that knocked me off my line. So, I tried pulling my vision back toward the bike. I believe you will find that letting the clutch all the way out with the engine at idle, dragging a little rear brake when necessary, and looking where you are going, will give you all the control you need for fearless riding at slow speeds.Coordinating clutch and throttle – it’s the bane of new riders.When I bought my Gold Wing, I discovered the bike had so much torque it would take off in first gear with the engine at idle.

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