Lap band dating

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Lap band dating

Your surgeon will stitch this into place, just under your skin.Your surgeon will then close the cuts in your abdomen.Your surgeon can tighten or loosen the gastric band by injecting liquid into a tube connected to the band.This affects the rate at which food passes from the pouch into the lower part of your stomach.Expert reviewer, Mr Stephen Pollard, Consultant General Surgeon Next review due, March 2022 Gastric band surgery is a common type of weight loss (bariatric) surgery for people who are very overweight (obese).It involves putting an adjustable band around the top part of your stomach, which means you can’t eat as much. When you have a gastric band, it creates a small pouch at the top of your stomach above the band.This will make sure that you steadily lose the right amount of weight.

If you smoke, you’ll be asked to stop – preferably at least six weeks before your surgery.They’ll also talk to you about other types of weight loss surgery you might be able to have, including a sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass.Your surgeon can help you to make a decision about what’s right for you. Take some time to make sure you’re happy with your decision to have a gastric band – make sure you ask your surgeon any questions you have.Smoking can affect wound healing and can also lead to complications.You may be asked to follow a low-fat, low-carbohydrate diet for a short time before your operation.

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You’ll be encouraged to get out of bed and move around as soon as you feel able to.

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