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A practical based school; she spent her time there hosting radio shows instead of the normal subjects and curriculums.Dissatisfied and bored with the way her school ran, she changed and went on to Oakland High School, but her lack of interest in studies got her a 0 percentage.In the September of 2013, she gave birth to her son Desmond, which is her first baby.It is not sure whom she has been dating, although her list of boyfriend contains 3/ 4 different names. But, I’m not trying to snatch Rihanna’s man or nothing like that. But I’m a busy woman anyway.” In order to listen to her songs, you can visit her official site or also go to You Tube and see her musical videos. And having [free] time because ever since the day “Gucci Gucci” dropped we’ve been non-stop in motion. What did it feel like when you signed your record deal? It’s crazy because I never made music with the intention of getting a record deal. Yeah, we’re gonna make this video “Gucci Gucci” and this song and we’re gonna get a record deal.” We even have meetings with people who’ve told us, “This song will never get on the radio. It’ll never work.” Now it’s kinda like, is this really happening? Also just doing more crazy shoots, getting my hands into some other business and working on the album for sure. It’s cool to get my dream car that I could never afford, even though it was only ,000 dollars. Do you have all kinds of relatives coming out of the woodworks like “Hey, I gotta get my teeth fixed” or “Take me shopping girl”? I think people believe I have more money than I actually do because they read, “1.4 million dollar deal”, so they think I have a million dollars. But you know, I’ve been helping out my mom and my grandpa and stuff like that.

Although it is clear that she has not been married yet and thus has not had a husband, she has had a child.

The whereabouts of her father is not known, and after moving to East Oakland at a young age with her mom, she started to record her raps and made films and videos about her own life.

Inspired by her mother towards music, Kreeayshawn attended the Met West High School where she was brought up in a different way to the traditional schooling and subjects.

She has an average height of 168 cm, which is about 5 feet and 8 inches in height, not the tallest of measurements.

She is a fair lady, slim but attractive and has a unique sense of dressing up.

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She’s now on tour and is preparing to drop her first album by the end of this year. I have a crush on Waka Flocka, but before he got fat. Everyone had their promo twitter team and hit me up and they were like, “Hey yo. And more specifically, about Kat Stacks, has she reached out to you?