Irish women for dating

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Find out where Ireland is The easiest way to get an Irish woman cheesed off is to ask her which part of the world Ireland is located!

Women in Ireland are polite but opinionated and quite sharp, so you will find a subject for conversation with her easily.

Instead offer mild flattery such as “Your eyes are very pretty” or “You have a lovely smile”.

They are quite touchy about their pale skin and freckles, especially when we are constantly surrounded by American bronzed models in popular media.

Above all, remember that listening actively is an intrinsic part of a good conversation.

So even if you have read up all about Ireland and Irish culture and are raring to show your newly-acquired knowledge, give your girl enough opportunity to speak as well and listen actively when she does.

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  1. I don’t care how sexy a girl is, you have to remember there is no machine in the gym that makes your wallet bigger. If you’re going to still date that refugee from a job fair, you will need to know the pitfalls. Why the fuck are broke girls so worried about how their hair looks?