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Ios cllocationmanager startupdatinglocation

If both location services are enabled simultaneously, they deliver events using the same set of delegate methods.Basically, IOS returns you previously cached information.You may enter a string like “To Find out your location” Note: i OS will not ask an user for permission to use their location until you have given a reason as why you are requesting it.

1- Add one or both below keys to (app-name)info .plist file: * NSLocation Always Usage Description * NSLocation When In Use Usage Description Above keys take a string as description of why your app need location services.Analysis: Take a look at Apple’s own documentation of CLLocation Manager here : (link to documentation) Because it can take several seconds to return an initial location, the location manager typically delivers the previously cached location data immediately and then delivers more up-to-date location data as it becomes available.Therefore it is always a good idea to check the timestamp of any location object before taking any actions.One is to make sure horizontal Accuracy is The Problem: If anyone of you are having trouble testing your IOS apps with fake locations. I am in Dallas but I want to test how my app behaves in New York, Toronto, Australia, India, wherever…there is no magic solution built into Simulator for this. The Solution: (This is natively supported in IOS 5/XCode 4.2 simulator. no more hacking) The easiest way (may not be the most elegant way) to do this is as below.We ran into this same problem while developing Loqly –

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ios,objective-c,cllocationmanager,ibeacon Those docs are misleading because they are meant to cover monitoring for geofence regions (e.g.

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