Invalidating space hibernate

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*/ public User DAO() @Transactional(propagation=Propagation. REQUIRED, read Only=false) public void update User(final IUser user) @Transactional(propagation=Propagation.SUPPORTS, read Only=true) public IUser find(final Long id)2008-08-29 ,488 DEBUG [http-8443-1] about to open Result Set (open Result Sets: 0, globally: 0) [org.Connection Manager.close Connection(Connection]2008-08-29 ,488 DEBUG [http-8443-1] resolving associations for [com.cinerent.starticketmediacenter.server. Two Phase Load.initialize Entity(Two Phase]2008-08-29 ,488 DEBUG [http-8443-1] done materializing entity [com.cinerent.starticketmediacenter.server. Two Phase Load.initialize Entity(Two Phase]2008-08-29 ,503 DEBUG [http-8443-1] initializing non-lazy collections [org.hibernate.engine. JDBCException Exceptions(JDBCException] Batch Update Exception: Duplicate entry '[email protected]' for key 'email' at com.

Connection Connection(Connection]2008-08-29 ,550 DEBUG [http-8443-1] /* update com.cinerent.starticketmediacenter.server. Abstract Platform Transaction Manager.process Commit(Abstract Platform Transaction at Security Interceptor.invoke(Method Security at org.framework.Reflective Method Invocation.proceed(Reflective Method at org.framework.Abstract Open Results(Abstract]2008-08-29 ,488 DEBUG [http-8443-1] result row: Entity Key[com.cinerent.starticketmediacenter.server. Row(]2008-08-29 ,488 DEBUG [http-8443-1] about to close Result Set (open Result Sets: 1, globally: 1) [org.Abstract Close Results(Abstract]2008-08-29 ,488 DEBUG [http-8443-1] about to close Prepared Statement (open Prepared Statements: 1, globally: 1) [org.

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I’m having an estrange problem I don’t know how to solve.

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