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Then when a user logs in with the same credentials we prompt the user to allow them to either abandon their login or continue and invalidate the old session.

(This is the requirement we were implementing a solution for.) Regardless of what machines they log in from, the container will generate the unique session, and thus a unique ID for the connection.

So, assuming that Person A logs in with credentials foo/bar and then Person B logs in using foo/bar, depending on how you decide who gets to continue, you just specify A or B's ID as the result for "get Current Session(user Id)", be it retrieved from a database, collection stored and shared amongst all nodes hosting the app, etc.

For the example let's say that when Person B logs in, they get to continue and Person A is "kicked out".

This tutorial aims to walk through an example of creating the authentication or log in using Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Data and Mongo DB for Java web application with custom User Details Service.

Using Spring Boot will make web development more compact and faster.

The workaround we used was to apply a filter to all incoming requests that check to see if they are the currently active session.

If not, they invalidate the session and redirect the user to a login page.

Use invalidate() method on session object to invalidate a session if the session object is not null. As per my knowledge in a jsp page session object can never be null, because if you look at the _jsp Service method of servlet(jsp compiled servlet) the following line of code gets executed session = page Session(); means your session object is not null.So actually the session that is invalidating is the session itself.Since this filter is mapped to be invoked by all actions all sessions will check themselves to be allowed to continue before invoking other actions.So as per me one solution to your scenario code be put some value in session object in some page for e.g.programming forums Java Mobile Certification Databases Caching Books Engineering Micro Controllers OS Languages Paradigms IDEs Build Tools Frameworks Application Servers Open Source This Site Careers Other all forums Hi there, I wanted to invalidate a session by using sessionid.

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You have to somehow store what the current valid ID will be.

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