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There’s a thin line between enabling your kids and being supportive of them.

We live in a dangerous world, and our kids do dangerous things (kids don’t have good judgment). No friends in the house without parents in the house.

If your kids ask for an explanation, you can say either, “because I’m the mommy, that’s why” or that parents get gray hair prematurely and our hearts skip beats when we don’t know where our children are. You don’t owe your children an explanation, except to tell them that, if you were to get sued, you all might not have a roof over your heads.

(By the same token, make certain that you don’t call your children names.) There should be zero tolerance for this, and that goes doubly for obscene speech.

Most of the research shows kids are still using the same parts of their brain at 22 that they were using at 15.Kids between the ages of 17 and 25 still have a lot of thinking errors.Just like you can have a spelling error, and misspell a word, you can have a thinking error in which you misread life’s problems and come out with the wrong solutions.Parents feel they have to take care of their kids, whether they are 9 or 19 years old.When they’re five, they’re climbing the monkey bars and you’re worried they’re going to break their arm.

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