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” Ladies, this is a mental bondage, not of our own creation, but the perpetuation of the belief that black women should only and ever be with black men is a cage you walk into on your own volition, fully aware that you have the key to free yourself.

My critics wonder why I push so hard for black women to consider interracial relationships.

Back in February, Ealy posted a rare photo of his Afghan-American wife to protest President Trump's Muslim Ban.

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But Mike did date Halle Berry and she’s half black, so it’s not like he never gave sisters a shot.” “SOME Black men will use the loyalty of Black women to move on up, espcially in entertainment, and then marry a chick from a different color dick. To their credit, the majority of commenters were happy for the nuptials and wished the couple well.

It’s the few turds in the punch that I want to address. Only black women who feel they have no other options but to date and marry black men care that black men aren’t marrying and dating them.

I am recommending this to EVERY black woman that I know because I think this is for people that want any race of man.

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What happened on that fan page is one of the reasons.

I want black women to stop being so lonely, so bitter, so single, and so unmarried.

Belcher football player killed his black woman but was laying up the night with a white woman ? so sad.” “Mike better ask Taye Diggs what happens when you anger a whole lot of sisters by having a white woman.

That dude’s career has been in a tailspin ever since. Is he beholden to them in some way, aside from the obvious obligation to remain gorgeous at all times?

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