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Adding to an already amazing line-up of stars, ACE Comic Con just announced an absolute highlight of a guest–none other than Jake Gyllenhaal!He will be joining his fellow Spider-Man: Far From Home co-star, Tom Holland and Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson.' Then I realize there's no way the universe will allow me to be more successful at this juncture.

Over an afternoon snack of heart-shaped cookies from Billy's Bakery -- a Valentine's Day gift from his girlfriend, designer Erin Fetherston -- the lanky singer from synth-rock all-stars Cobra Starship explains as much. "I'm just like, 'Man, I work so much harder than other people, I'm smarter, I'm nicer -- why don't I get more successful?

Check out photos of Jake and Tom Sturridge on stage during the curtain call, posing on the red carpet, as well as an exclusive portrait session by, in our gallery.

Several interviews have also been added to our video archive.

Eventually, Far From Home filmmaker Jon Watts presented Gyllenhaal with an offer to play a complex character named Mysterio.

Together, Gyllenhaal and Watts crafted a villain pretending to be a hero by subtly doubling down on superhero tropes that would be easy to miss until a second viewing.

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Jake stopped by Live With Kelly & Ryan today to talk about his upcoming Broadway play, ‘Sea Wall / A Life’.