Free amature webcams columbus ohio

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Free amature webcams columbus ohio

As of present she’s in a court ordered rehab instead of serving her remaining prison term for aggravated arson which means somebody was in the home when she lit the fire.She has a criminal record from New Mexico to Akron Ohio (summit county).So ladies if you see this hoe near your man be quick to run interference, because “what Sheri wants, Sheri gets! Acting like they’re at work 24/7,they use every guy and girl for money and will show interest in you as long as you buy them something or take them somewhere.They use any and every man and woman that will spend money on them.He was with an 19 year old a few years ago and she has since confided in me that she can’t have a healthy sexual relationship because she is expecting a lot more from guys and that they cannot compete!!I’m not trying to make him out to be the greatest lover, because he is not!!She loves to lie and hide about her proud lesbianism, claiming she is only “friends with girls”, despite evidence that proves otherwise.

I’ve know this woman for several years and all the time I’ve known her I’ve come to find out she does nothing but lie and cheat on her husband she tells everyone how bad her home life is and how bad he is which is a lie she just loves attention and will spread her legs for any guy that shows it to her she was supposedly leaving her husband a year ago then found out she had to have heart surgery so acted like everything was better just to have a place to stay and so he would take care of everything for her but all along she was cheating with the same man the whole time and is still feeding him lies about everything believe me I have sat back and watched her play her coworkers and friends into believing her lies that her life is soooooo bad she cant stand it but it’s not she just loves to sleep around with anyone who will tell her shes pretty and what she wants to hear stay away from her shes bad news and I have it on good authority she doesn’t make the guys use protection if u dont believe me then try her out she will lie to her whole family to see you and sleep with you not to mention lie to her other bf If you ever see this man Robert Cook! He is like unnatural, his sexual ability is beyond what myself and several woman I’ve spoke to has ever encountered!!

She does not have a single “friend” that she hasn’t had a sexual relationship with. If he appears to have money and is ill she’s even faster to strike.

She fakes psychotic episodes to make him feel sorry for her, she’ll promise him the world and pretend to care long enough to get whatever she wants then toss him out like trash. I’ve been on her *ss since December of 2018 and I’m not backing down any time soon.

She’ll sleep with him for random trips or just because she can.

She’s not prejudice she’ll sleep with you too especially if that means she can get to your man.

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You will get your heart broken, he loves Jim Beam Whisky, Hank Jr, and girls who have big butts!! Stay away from this guy if you are ever in Hilliard, Ohio!!!

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