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You call yourself “reactive”, “quiet” and then “grumpy”.Currently, it would seem that you’re taking 100 per cent blame for this cycle. I can tell you right now, your man is equal parts responsible for this, and he’s a key player in the pattern.Translated - he’s not going to take you to great heights and empower you, he’s holding you back and bringing you down. Right now your self-esteem is low, and therefore you’re with a guy who makes you feel terrible.To change this, you’re going to need to stop focusing on trying to fix him, and instead start working on you. Look at increasing your self-esteem and let him take care of himself.He cheated on me close to our first anniversary, I found out because the girl found me on Facebook and she decided to email me and tell me everything.Things have since improved and he has started being more genuine and caring towards our relationship.

I understand that some guys and women too, like the validation they get when someone swipes right on their profiles. I also know that Tinder is like a game and people like to see who is out there and swipe right and never speak.Forget about confronting him, because you’ve already tried that once before and it failed. That means socialising separately more with your own friends, confiding in them and leaning on them for strength, pursuing your own individual interests, asserting yourself and saying ‘no’ to things you don’t like, expressing your opinion, and cutting out people in your life that are bad for you (e.g. As you do this, you’re going to feel stronger, and soon enough, you’re going to take one look at your man and say “you’re not good enough for me, I’m moving on to someone who’s going to treat me better.” We have very open communication, however the fights are always caused by me being “reactive” and then retracting, becoming quiet and “grumpy”.I am very willing to say sorry, to keep the peace, and I construct guilt in my head by twisting the situation to make myself the bad guy.Relationships can certainly empower you and make you feel amazing.If you choose wisely, you can achieve great things with your life partner. The man you’re currently with has cheated on you close to your first anniversary, and now more recently you’ve found him on a dating sites talking to multiple women.

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Something is wrong if he’s not happy with himself and needs the validation. He says he’s happy and loves spending time with you, which is probably true.

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