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Floola updating

Amarok Homepage: About: Amarok includes the following features: Album cover detection and downloads, lyrics support, wikipedia integration, contextual information (a quick view on your currently played music, and suggest similar track which you might like), statistics, integration, multiple media devices support (Apple i Pod, i River i FP and T players, Creative Zen and Nomad players, Generic USB players, Generic MTP players).

Amarok is available as a pre-compiled binary for many Linux distributions, and its source is available for those of you who prefer compile your own programs.

Contacts can be copied to your hard drive as v Card (.vcf) files.

Alternatively, you can copy your contacts directly into Microsoft Outlook on PC or Address Book on Mac OS X.

Call logs are recorded on your device any time that you make or receive a phone call.

These logs also include any Face Time and Whats App calls.

This overview details the features (with screenshots) of 10 different programs other than i Tunes to manage your i Pod.It supports the first to fifth Generation including the i Pod mini, i Pod Photo, i Pod Shuffle, i Pod nano, and i Pod Video.gtkpod includes the following features: Read your existing i Tunes DB, add MP3, WAV, M4A (non-protected AAC), M4B (audio book), podcasts, and various video files, view, add and modify cover art, sync directories, detect duplicates when adding songs, and much more.Tutorials: How to use Songbird to manage your i Pod An Introduction to Songbird Screenshots: Winamp Homepage: Winamp includes the following features: frankly there are too many to list, so visit their features page. But I don’t think Winamp supports cover-art – unless there’s a plugin for it, which there probably is.Winamp has been my default media player in Windows since 1997 (it finally replaced Winplay3).

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It is free software, designed to work well under the GNOME Desktop, and based on the powerful GStreamer media framework.