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Edge and trish stratus dating

Following her full-time performing, she would make occasional appearances in WWE.

In 2011, Stratus was a trainer for WWE Tough Enough.

Storyline: Trish Stratus (in and out of storyline) Maria Kanellis (Never became a real relationship), Lita (in and out of storyline) Only divas he actually dated for real was: Lita, Kelly and Trish. No the rock is married and has a daugther named Simone yes they did didnt you see the sex tape?

The Rock is married with a daughter so the answer is NO!!!

While feuding with Holly, Stratus was also involved in an angle with new Diva Victoria, who held a storyline grudge against Stratus, claiming she was betrayed by Stratus when they both worked as fitness models.

On March 17, 2003, Victoria and Steven Richards defeated Jazz and Stratus in a tag team match when Jazz walked out on Stratus.

It was during her stint managing T & A that Stratus took her first major bump in the ring, by being driven through a table by the Dudley Boyz at Backlash, after she had been taunting Bubba Ray Dudley for several weeks.After the match, Jeff Hardy saved Stratus from an attack by Victoria and Richards and then kissed her, resulting in Stratus becoming Hardy's on-screen girlfriend once more.The two would talk and kiss backstage, compete as an intergender tag team, and come to each other's aid when in danger during singles competition.She has also hosted several award and television shows and had owned yoga studio.She appeared on stage to scout Test and Prince Albert.

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After suffering an ankle injury in the summer, however, she was sidelined for the following three months.

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