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predicates on the index partitioning key can efficiently use hash partitioned global indexes.The syntax for creating a hash partitioned global index is similar to that used for a hash partitioned table.The database also ensures that the index is maintained automatically when maintenance operations are performed on the underlying table.The following is an example of creating a local index on a table: You can optionally name the hash partitions and tablespaces into which the local index partitions are to be stored, but if you do not do so, then the database uses the name of the corresponding base partition as the index partition name, and stores the index partition in the same tablespace as the table partition.Note, however, that using a date where the high or low bound of the partition would be out of the range set for storage causes an error.For example, clause lets you specify one or more tablespaces into which the database stores interval partition data using a round-robin algorithm for subsequently created interval partitions.The following topics present details and examples of creating partitions for the various types of partitioned tables and indexes: clause can specify physical and other attributes specific to a partition segment.

The lower boundary of every interval partition is the non-inclusive upper boundary of the previous range or interval partition.In the following example, the number of partitions is specified when creating a hash partitioned table, but system generated names are assigned to them and they are stored in the default tablespace of the table.In the following example, names of individual partitions, and tablespaces in which they are to reside, are specified.Partitioning is possible on both regular (heap organized) tables and index-organized tables, except for those containing columns.You can create nonpartitioned global indexes, range or hash partitioned global indexes, and local indexes on partitioned tables.

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