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Double happiness speed dating

However, you should employ more dwellers if your Vault economy allows.

New Comers and Child’s Default 50% Happiness Rating This can be an important factor not to have too many new comers and child, since they start with a default 50% happiness score.

Keep Your Dweller’s Healthy First and far most important factor to gain happiness rating above 70 is to keep them fed and radiation free.

Make sure that you run an efficient Vault buildings with Food and Water way above the Green line.

Follow the linked baby guide to find out more about how to start and manage the dating process easily.

Successful “Rush” or Failure to Rush Resource Buildings Your Vault dwellers within a working building will gain happiness whenever Rush is a success.

Thus, you should always keep at least 1 dweller in your Radio room to receive that boost.

Did you receive objective quests in Fallout Shelter to boost your Vault Dweller’s happiness rating?

Although Happiness is briefly discussed in the “game help file“, they do not cover all the grounds for the Happiness rating.

Are you stumped that you cannot get them to become happier?

This is the perfect guide for you to help you bring your entire Vault’s happiness level higher.

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However, this is a bad method as they are not being productive to your entire Vault’s economy and well being.