Divorce young children dating

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Divorce young children dating

The difficulty in this is that the person that needs to have the conversation with the little one is mom and/or dad.

In the midst of the process of divorce, speaking to your little one about missing the other parent can be difficult, but very important.

They may tantrum for the shoes and talk about the shoes, but what they are really doing is expressing a sense of control over something they can control.Most parents hope that their small children are really not aware of what is happening around them.The number one question in my office is often “but do they really understand?Young children show their distress and/or “negative” emotion overtly sometimes and subtly, other times.In the case of a child dealing with the early separation of the parents, he/she may become obsessed with an object, a particular type of shoe, for example.

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I think people tend to minimize the intensity of a childless divorce, comparing it to a bad breakup, when in reality, it’s still a divorce; a broken promise of a life together.

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