Death of dating badger herald

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According to the Wisconsin State Journal, the prosecuting attorney, Assistant District Attorney Colette Sampson, is arguing for a 0,000 bail.Cook’s defense lawyer, Christopher Van Wagner, asked to release his client on a signature bond instead.’ I was an English literature major in college — every single short story I read could be and was interpreted in at least 12 ways,” Van Wagner said.Investigators believe that Cook has been sexually assaulting women since March 2015, and over time the level of his aggressiveness has grown, Sampson said.Van Wagner, however, told The Badger Herald that the stories behind the notebooks could be interpreted in multiple ways.

Since the case became public, it has prompted some to step forward and contact the authorities, Van Wagner added.

Cook is currently under emergency suspension, with no end date set at the moment, UW spokesperson Meredith Mc Glone said.

Under Wisconsin State Legislature Chapter 17, an emergency suspension can remain in effect until the decision in the hearing on the underlying charges is rendered or the emergency suspension is rescinded.

An emergency suspension cannot exceed 30 days, unless the respondent agrees to a longer period.

Cook is currently in custody at the Dane County Jail awaiting a bail hearing Thursday afternoon.

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At the moment, UWPD has one confirmed victim, Lovicott said.