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Datinggoddess com

But take a look at these definitions: I see these as different from the need for affiliation.

You could be an extrovert — the life of the party — when you are at a party, but not have a strong need to be at a lot of parties.

Think Paris Hilton (we’ll skip any assessment about mental health).

I find it interesting that some of these folks can just be in the presence of others — not interacting with them — and still have their itch scratched.

I cover this in “Check Him Out Before Going Out: Head Off Dud Dates.”Third, being clear about what you want, but being flexible on some of your criteria.

So ask yourself why you have that criteria and be willing to be flexible if a man has other wonderful qualities. A big pro is it is an easy way to look at a lot of (presumably) single men and get to know a little about them before meeting.

Yes, some lie, not only about their marital status, but about their jobs, age, fitness level, etc.

Are you more likely to read or work in a deserted place, rather than in a public spot with people around?

You could think I’m describing introverts and extroverts.

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