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Dating private school

Toffee is all about bringing people with similar backgrounds together, as it’s not always opposites that attract.’ We also asked whether they thought it was odd for your school to still be a large part of your preferences into your twenties and thirties.

They said: ‘Where you went to school is just another filter you can use to help you find the right person, as you’re more likely to share similar hobbies and interests based on where you studied.

How many times have we told you that there’s a new dating app on the scene? Basically, it functions a lot like Tinder, only as well as linking it to your Facebook you also have to put in which school you went to.

You’re probably going to have strong feelings on this one. I now have the dubious honour of being a ‘founder member’ of Toffee.

Their repsonse was this: ‘Toffee is all about bringing people with similar backgrounds together, as it’s not always opposites that attract.

Toffee knows (and research has shown) that people with similar backgrounds are more likely to stick together, so we want to connect these people to help them find their match.

Toffee connects the right people to help them find their match with our sophisticated matching algorithm taking care of all your dating homework.

In the UK, events include Ascot, Wimbledon and the Henley Royal Regatta.Davis claims that's not the case."I know it's a touchy subject, it's such a touchy subject in the UK, but we were like, 'this is dating, we want people to meet and to fall in love'," Davis told 10 daily. 'Toff' is a slang term to describe someone from an privileged background, or who exudes an air of superiority.Davis claimed calling the app 'Toffee' sets the tone for a fun and laid back dating experience, not an exclusionary one.In a lot of fake profiles, people may say they went to an all-boys school but they are a girl we are like, that's an obvious one," Davis said.

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