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Lavalife believes that dating should be fun and stress-free.

Lavalife urges singles to utilize the tools on its website to find what they’re looking for and maybe try a few new things along the way.

All new members get to use Lavalife for free for seven days.

This allows people who are unsure if they’re ready to pay for the full membership to try out all that Lavalife has to offer.

Lavalife boasts that members can create a profile in as little as 10 minutes and the new design makes it easy-to-use search, messaging, and notifications.

After creating an account, users will have the option of going on the tour or skipping straight to the site.

Lavalife has made a few changes to its app and website.

There was a little basket on the table, filled with those little plastic creamers. And then there was the Comedian who forewarned me that no sex by the third date was a deal breaker.

This dude peeled the creamers open one by one and drank them. And I can’t forget the Software Developer who had three large bottles of mouthwash in his car, one in the console and two others in the front door pockets. There’s no good explanation for having that much oral rinse in the front of your car. As you can see, the headaches and frustrations begin long before going on an actual date. We did the usual coffee thing, which by that time already seemed like more effort than it was worth. As he displayed each item, he’d say something like: “This comes in handy,” or “You never know when you might need these.” At the end of the “inventory,” he read me the poem he had written for his mother.

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