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In those days, people who were born into the higher classes regarded themselves as more established and important than people who had only recently become wealthy.Running a business and being “in trade” was thought of as earning “new money” in contrast to being rich with “old money” from property, which had been held within the family for a long time.Letters were only sent to one to whom you were engaged.In order to assure adherence to this code of conduct, Darcy hand delivers his letter to Elizabeth.Additional “rules of engagement” during courtship include protocol for dancing at a ball.If a gentleman and lady danced more than two sets together (a set consisted of 2 dances and approximately 15 minute duration) they would be considered engaged by society. Collins’ intention to stay close to Elizabeth during the Netherfield Ball is a public declaration of his intentions toward her.

Once the bride’s father approved, the marriage articles were drawn up.Jane & Bingley ultimately rip up the letters they are writing to each other because, despite their desire to communicate, it would be untoward to send letters to one another.In Sense and Sensibility Marianne’s daily letters to Willoughby give rise to the assumption by her sister Elinor and others that Marianne is engaged to Willoughby.Before an engagement, couples could not converse privately, be alone in a room, travel unchaperoned in a carriage or call one another by their Christian names.Another example of gentlemanly behavior was that a gentleman must always be introduced to a lady, since it was presumed to be an honor to meet her—never the other way round.

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