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Traditionally, children do not keep any secrets from their parents as most information is shared within the family.However, children whose moral or ideological opinions differ from those of their parents will generally keep their views to themselves.Problems usually get addressed to the point that their resolution keeps the family together, but difficulty within the family is normally kept private from the public. In the south of Vietnam (particularly along the Mekong Delta), siblings address each other by the pronoun that describes their age and relationship within the family – for example, “” (older sister three).However, they would refer to each other’s personal name when speaking in English.This may surpass just the present generation and see them feel an affinity towards ancestors of the past and those relatives yet to come in the future.Individuals are expected to serve their family’s interests before their own and show preferential treatment to fellow family members.People in rural areas tend to socialise in groups rather than one-on-one dates.

This expectation remains for those Vietnamese families living in Australia.Family is the most important aspect of life in Vietnam.It is much more interdependent and tight-knit than what many Western cultures are familiar with.They are often characterised as the strict ‘tiger mum’.On the other hand, as a wife, a woman is expected to be a subservient, doting partner to her husband.

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The cultural respect of age also requires that family members defer to elders.

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