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What I’m saying is who are all you people having fun on random dates? Yet if I had a dollar for everyone who told me to just “get out there and date, it’ll make you feel better” I might not need that Clooney marriage bet I mentioned earlier.Like dating is some magical divorce tonic that will automatically improve my feelings about the shambles that is my life just now., guy. Put the jumbo-size box of Rice Krispies Treats back on the shelf and walk away. Honest self-introspection is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever attempted. But when I manage to take an unvarnished look at who I am and my role in the demise of my marriage, I realize how ill-equipped I am to be in a healthy relationship right now.You make decisions based on one frame of mind and then you have this epiphany about yourself and you realize the decisions you made during the previous frame of mind are all messed up. It feels good to be needed and wanted but that’s the trickery of dating too soon after divorce. There are people I enjoy spending time with but I feel paralyzed when it comes to moving forward in any capacity, and I’m realizing it’s unfair to put myself out there if I don’t feel capable of a healthy relationship.You’ve got to deal with all the crap that caused your marriage to end first. Maybe you’re being pressured by friends and family to start dating. Clooney once said he’s not very good at marriage and now, as I contemplate the failure of my own marriage and attempt to date again, I realize that maybe I feel the same way; the thought of marriage fills me with a heavy dread. I don’t feel good at relationships in general, actually. But now that I also have a divorce hulking blackly in my rearview mirror, I think maybe it’s more complicated than that.This is an area where many of us may have struggled when we were married.In the daily chaos of raising children and taking care of a house and working, time for ourselves and time as a couple is sometimes sacrificed to “get it all done”. Now, as a divorced parent, if I am making time for another person, it’s because I’ve chosen to do it.

You’re only setting yourself up for another failed relationship. I’ve heard that one before; she’s the psycho and you’re a prince. Everyone loves love and when there is a lack of love in your life or even just nobody there to hear about that a-hole in accounting who is ruining your work life, you start feeling desperate and find yourself tangled up with the first person that expresses interest in your sad ass. I’m a mess, frankly, and the more time goes by the more realizations I make about myself.Being a solo parent without backup is crazy hard and I feel lonely a lot, but I’ve actually never felt more lonely than when experiencing a crappy date. Well, a great date leads to more dates which could mean a relationship and then what? Divorced for eight months and separated for about a year before that and I still don’t really feel capable of jumping into a new relationship. How could I possibly inflict myself on a new person right now?And that’s the kind relationship that’s more likely to last. But in a successful relationship, there needs to be a balance between putting other people first and between putting your needs first.I struggled with this while I was married and I think it’s common for mothers, especially, to do this. There comes a point, though, where not being able to ask for what you want can have a negative impact.

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As any parent knows, making time for yourself can be difficult.

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