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Dating affection

In Song of Songs, God has given us a holy and beautiful picture of a marital sexual relationship, and everyone seems to be having an excellent time.

Even there, however, God is clear that sex is “Do not arouse or awaken love before it so desires.” (Song of Songs 2:7).

Plopping down on his lap and showering him with too many hugs and kisses the first time he is among your family members or friends may make him feel very ill at ease.

Every man appreciates the attention, fond gaze and tender touch of a lady, but there is a point at which too much sweetness becomes cloying and engages our gag reflex.If he kisses your forehead, you put your face close and pucker – but wait for him to initiate the lip lock.Just try to remember the way those adoring geeks with braces looked at you in high school and how nauseous it made you feel. In 1 Corinthians 7:3 and following, Paul says once we are married, our bodies literally belong to our spouse; he also instructs spouses to meet one another’s sexual needs and to be together regularly so as to protect ourselves from falling into ungodly lust and extramarital sexual activity.If you have any doubts about God’s intention to give us sex as a wonderful, pleasurable gift, Song of Songs should put them to rest.

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I’ll start by putting my position right on the line: kissing is OK.

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