Dating acronym generator

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Dating acronym generator

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Each of the four brand films begin with a plausible acronym that Qdoba could stand for, before revealing that Qdoba actually stands for flavor.

CP cerebral palsy or chemical pregnancy or chicken pox, depending on the context DAdomestic abuse DD darling/dear daughter DCdarling/dear child DF/DDaddarling/dear father/dad DGS/DGD darling/dear grandson/granddaughter DFILdarling/dear father-in-law DH darling/dear husband DMILdarling/dear mother-in-law DLA disability living allowance DP darling/dear partner DS darling/dear son DS Down's syndrome DSS/DSD darling/dear stepson/stepdaughter DTD doing the deed/doing the dance (having sex) DTD/DTS darling/dear twin daughter/son D&Vdiarrhoea and vomiting DVdomestic violence DW darling/dear wife EAemotional abuse EBF exclusively breastfeed(ing) or extended breastfeed(ing), depending on context ELCS elective Caesarean EMCS emergency Caesarean EP ectopic pregnancy EWCM egg-white cervical mucus FF formula-feeding or forward-facing (as in car seat), depending on context FFP free for postage FFS for f**k's sake FIL father-in-law FTFYfixed this for you FWIW for what it's worth FYI for your information HTH hope this helps HV health visitor IEP individual educational plan IIRC if I remember correctly IKWYM I know what you mean IME in my experience IMHO in my humble opinion IMO in my opinion IYKWIM if you know what I mean IYSWIM if you see what I mean JFGI just f*ing Google it LMP last menstrual period LTB leave the bas**rd LOL laugh out loud MC miscarriage MMC missed miscarriage MMTI makes my teeth itch MIL mother-in-law MN Mumsnet of course!

MNer is a mumsnetter, and MNHQ is Mumsnet headquarters MW midwife NAK nursing at keyboard (breastfeeding while Mumsnetting) NN no NT neurologically typical NWOC nanny with own child OH other half OT occupational therapy/therapist OTOHon the other hand OTT over the top/overseas trained teacher OP original post/poster OWother woman PBPpreviously banned poster PFB precious first born PG pregnant PIL parents-in-law PITA pain in the a**e PM Private message PMSL p**s myself laughing POAS pee on a stick (take a pregnancy test) POV point of views RF rearward-facing (as in car seat) RL real life ROFL roll on floor laughing RTFT read the f**king thread SAHM stay at home mother SAHP stay at home parent SALT speech and language therapy/therapist SENCO special educational needs co-ordinator SIL sister-in-law SIOB sharp intake of breath SN special needs SPD symphisis pubis dysfunction STBXH soon-to-be-ex-husband SWI shagging with intent (trying to conceive) SWOI shagging without intent (not trying to conceive!

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