Dating a bipolar schizophrenic

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Talking to me about things she had never even confided to her husband was a good start for Beth.

Joining some online and in person support groups for people who grew up with emotionally volatile and fragile parents proved an eye-opener.

Though these warning signs may not fit every person with the bipolar disorder, I know many of them are typical: you can clearly see the warning signs of the manic stage (which I missed), mixed state, rapid cycling, and finally his depression. 1.) on the second date, found out we had very little in common early on. 25.) parents were in denial of his illness and treated him like a child 26.) he had a hard time getting off during sex with me he told me it was because he had been numbed by all his sexual experiences (in reality I think it was because of the drugs) 27.) he was very judgmental of me my family and friends 28.) kept track of gifts he had given people, or what gifts people gave him, had great expectations of others 29.) when introduced to others he would make comments about how no one seemed interested in him 30.) he frequently made comments about how much money he was spending on me 31.) he frequently pointed out my faults 32.) he was convinced I was bipolar and told me I should go see a physiatrist to see if I possibly could be.

Ironically he refused talk therapy as a way to deal with his illness 33.) constantly was negative and often wrote me e-mails in which he would put me, my family or daughter down.

It’s not surprising that studies point to children of parents with bipolar disorder being more susceptible to psychosocial problems such as risky sexual behavior, substance abuse, aggressive behavior and risk of suicide.

Growing up in this type of dysfunctional environment makes it nearly impossible to escape unscathed as children need to feel emotionally safe, loved unconditionally and free to be children and not caretakers for parents who are alternatively volatile and needy.

I immediately thanked him for his candor and told him I wasn’t interested.

I had a child and I wasn’t about to subject her to something I knew little about.

42.) could not make an important decision in his life without his parent’s involvement. 44.) told me I should be grateful for all he’s done.“ Gradually Beth came to realize that she and her mother (who she keeps at arms’ length – checking in a couple times a year) are not the same person.“The difference is even though I have emotional issues I want to learn how to cope with my pain and make decisions that are best for my child.“Wow,” Beth said after her second meeting, adding, “They really get it.We share tips and help each other get through tough times.

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