Cybernudists Meet and fuck without no sign ups

Posted by / 05-Oct-2020 12:06

” No (65 percent), yes (35 percent—that’s actually quite a large percentage; if only these obsessive types spent less time skeeving people out and more time trying to catch a glimpse of their own anuses).Creepy question part two: Have you ever stalked anyone?“Which of the following makes you the most out-of-your-mind horny?” Being in an out-of-town hotel alone (61 percent), seeing hot bodies at the gym (20 percent), the advertising campaigns of either Calvin Klein or Victoria’s Secret (14 percent) and airplane rides (5 percent).I also posited the following query (fyi: that was my Tim Gunn impression): “Speaking of web-porn, true or false: Somewhere on the Internet there’s a picture of you naked.” Twenty percent of you are cybernudists, and 80 percent of you are ruining the fun of a computer-friendly pubescent child in Kurdistan.This next question actually elicited some extremely useful information (I’m not sure how it got in there, but I’ll make sure it never happens again): “Outside of bars and clubs, where, in your experience, are the best New York City pickup spots?34 percent), a threesome (32 percent), strapping one on and fucking your boyfriend (26 percent) and receiving anal sex (killjoys! The homo dudes riddled me this: “Which attribute would you most desire in a partner?

In another one of those finish-the-sentence jobbers, I wrote, “The sex-related trend I despise the most is...,” to which you responded: piercings of any kind (38 percent), Web-porn obsession (25 percent), ass obsession (21 percent) and, lastly, pubic-hair shaving (15 percent).They named a few cyber nudists who were going to be arrested but well, nothing happened. Before Simon Lokodo, the minister for ethics and integrity was Dr Nsaba Buturo.He spent his time crusading against nudity, witchcraft, corruption and kept telling colleagues that if you live in a house built using stolen money you cannot have peace.So without further ado, let’s take a look at just how sick and twisted you people really are.Since secret sex lives seem to be all the rage, I asked the question: “If you could be 100 percent assured of getting away with having an affair, with no repercussions to your relationship (or your partner), would you do it?


In his crusade against pornography, Simon Lokodo, Uganda's minister for ethics and integrity, announced that he had acquired an anti-porn machine that would detect those viewing lurid stuff for police to pounce on them. ILLUSTRATION | JOHN NYAGAH | NMG Whatever his intention, Lokodo became the butt of jokes with his machine that nobody believed existed.