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Arrangements are to be made for his supervision in California, and he is to be permitted to return there. On the basis of local ion of ir-1 rigated land, the counties' costs for the watcrmaster's department are distributed as follows: Des- J chutes, 54 per cent; Jefferson, 35 per cent; Crook, 9.5 per cent, and Klamath 1.5 per cent. Oregon Irrigation District also pays a portion, part of which Dial I district collects from the Arnold j and Lone Pine districts. 520 for the new fiscal year, is an increase of 0 over the cur-; rent year. During his service, the county received some ,000 in radio and oilier equipment, through a state federal program. Horse show open to public REDMOND The Oregon Ap- paloosa Horse Club announced to-; day that its first annual horse show, to be held at the Deschutes County Fair Grounds Saturday and Sunday, will be open to the general public free of charge Judging will be done on Satur- day and awards given to winners of numerous classes, including cfnllmnc nm-nc filline nn,l nltc The show will include races and other action events. which appeared Monday in The Bulloliu as a legal notice, gives an incomplete picture of the watcrmaster's department. - The watcrmaster's budget for the new year is ,400, $.",0-l0.70 of which will come from Des- Clubs decide playday rules Special to The Bulletin PRIXEVILLE Rules for play-days, and pending legislation, were two topics of interested discussion at the meeting of the Central Oregon Saddle clubs in Prine-ville, June 7.

Award made on oil contract REDMOND The Carter Oil Company Tuesday night was awarded the contract, subject to legal approval, by the City Council to supply motor and stove oil during the next fiscal year. Dtt Pont' ruled strong in the chemicals, j Rails were higher and the utilities had a recovery. It is particularly recommended to the public for attendance Sunday afternoon. Grant Bulletin Staff Writer Deschutes County Watcrmaster Aubrey E Perry has not had his salary dmihled in the past throe years, although a quick glance a, the county's budget for next year might lead you to believe so. The budget will be published again June 19, and public hearing will be held Monday, June 29, at 8 p.m. Phyllis Eppenbaugh, Redmond, reported that the Oregon Horsemen's association had sent a delegation to the State Senate to discuss the horse-shoeing bill which was before the legislature earlier this year.

The prices accepted follow: premium gas, $.2431 per gallon; regular gas, .2231: stove burner oil. The appointment of Dan Kilgore as defense director of the city by Mayor Don Hinman was accepted by the council. Couriers, oils, chemicals, metals' and drugs ruled strong. She stated that all letters received in the Senate pertaining to the. Games for points at their playday w ill be scurry race, Texas barrel race, rescue race and keyhole race.

Bcrwyn Coyner presided at the meeting in Uie absence of Hinman. (UP1) - Sheriff George Miller of Linn county was en route here today with Richard Allen Hunt, 26, one -of the FBI's 10 most wanted men who was arrested near Thermopolis, Wyo., last week. Gains in the specials ranging to more than 2 points included Minneapolis Honeywell, Ncwmont Mining, Motorola, Mesla Machine, Texas Instruments, Y'oungstown Sheet, and Vick Chemical. bill had been opposed, and the bill had been dropped. Games to be played for points are: flag race, scurry race, Texas barrel race and stake race. The next Central Oregon association meeting will be in Bend, Sept. Police report on citations A Bend resident, Jack E.

Hunt will face trial for the wounding of Brownsville Police Chief Robert Kemnow and the abduction of Harrisburg Police Chief E. Stocks regain third of loss NEW YORK U PD-Slocks to-1 day regained about one third o( the losses recorded in a scries of declines dating back to the end of May. Net gains ex-, tended to more than 3 points over a broad list of stocks. Slightly behind schedule, the group arrived from the south at for a slop al the Pilot Bullo after a coffeo break at Crescent. The next playday for the Central Oregon Saddle clubs will be held June 28, in Madras. IG Girl's ar J 1 u UTT ' I i ; j ' j ' I : I !

At the request of Clyde Moore, director, the board approved funds for transporting the high school band to Portland to march in the Junior Rose Festival Parade. Cheese (medium cured) To retailers: A grade cheddar single daisies, 41-51c; processed American cheese, 5-lb, loaf, 40-430. Louis H, Helph- rey and daughter Judy have returned to their home in Bend from Phoenix, Ariz., where they spent the winter.

A special meeting of the board by United Press k i' POTATO MARKET PORTLAND (UPl) - Potato market; Calif. PORTLAND LIVESTOCK Cattle 300; Includes 2 loads fed steers and about 2 loads heifers; sjow; most fed steers and heifers unsold; cows weak to 50c lower; truck lot good-low choice around 1100 lb. (UPD Fire of undetermined origin destroyed the Oroville fruit warehouse here today. Judy was a member of the 1959 class that was graduated from Central High in Phoenix.

Calves 65; slow; good choice vealers 28 32: utility standard calves and vealers 20-28. 18.75-19; mixed 1, 2 and 3 lots mostly 18-18.50; few 250 lb. Foley decided after a hearing Tuesday in the Deschutes county circuit courtroom. Hitchcock, Butler Road, ; Group 3, Christian Women's Fellowship, with Mrs.

Baldwin was returned to Des-cliu U's county from Sacramento, Calif., May 16, to answer the parole violation charges. Thursday afternoon the follow ing groups will hold meetings: Welcome Wagon Club, with Mrs. Greenwood Avenue, 1 o'clock; Grange Hall Ladies' Aid with Mrs. Bert White, 1105 Lexington Avenue; Martha circle of First Lutheran WMF at home of Mrs. John Moisan, Bend, entered Pa-louse hogs in the 13th annual 4-H and FFA fat stock show and sale in The Dalles this past weekend that won first and second places.

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