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Create auto updating rss feed

Contact us if you need any help with optimizing your podcast feed. the Feedity-Feed Burner feed URL or the Feedity-Sound Cloud feed URL) to the Apple i Tunes Store via Podcasts Connect (an Apple ID is required).You can use the same podcast feed to publish your podcast on other services, like: Moreover, you can share the podcast feed on social networking sites or link to it from your website.Next, you can use Feedity to make an auto-updating RSS feed for the podcast.If you've uploaded your media to Sound Cloud, then use the form below to create a podcast feed within seconds using our feed API (requires sign-up), and see the last step below to submit your podcast to the i Tunes Store.

When you want to add a new podcast episode, you can upload your media files and update the podcast webpage with the new episode details as you normally would.

For many people RSS feed readers like Google Reader, Netvibe etc have become convenient ways of getting the latest news at one place.

Hence I find it annoying when some websites that offer constantly updated content in a “” format, but neglect to offer this option, either deliberately or just being lethargic.

You must upload suitable images for your Sound Cloud profile avatar (used as podcast cover art) and each track (used as podcast episode art) in the JPEG/JPG format (RGB) with a minimum size of 1400 x 1400 pixels and a maximum size of 2048 x 2048 pixels, for the podcast to be acceptable by the i Tunes Store.

Disclaimer: this feed API is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, Sound Cloud.

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Feed Yes With Feed Yes, you can generate feeds for any website or specific page, you can syndicate those feeds and put the headlines on your own website.

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