Columbia university reveals racial preferences in dating Freephonesexchattrial

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Columbia university reveals racial preferences in dating

Far from seeing a contradiction between his support for the civil rights movement and his opposition to the “minority friendly” admissions policies in , Mosk viewed them as one and the same.

The case was brought by Allan Bakke, the son of a mailman and a schoolteacher—hardly a scion of wealth and privilege.

In they wrote, “College grades [for beneficiaries of affirmative action] present a … The grades earned by African-American students at the [elite schools we studied] often reflect their struggles to succeed academically in highly competitive academic settings.”Why is it not better to get bad grades at a top school than better grades at a school that is one or two rungs down from the top?

Everyone knows that a good student can get in over his head if he is placed in a classroom with students whose level of academic preparation is much higher than his own.

I have no doubt that those who originally conceived of race-preferential admissions policies nearly 50 years ago were acting in good faith.

By lowering admissions standards for African-American and Hispanic students at elite colleges and universities, they hoped to increase the number of minority students on campus and ultimately to promote their integration into high-status careers. Should we allow the principle of color blindness under the law to be sacrificed in the hope that in the long run, it will help us become a society of equal opportunity?

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One of the consequences of widespread race-preferential admissions policies is that talented minority students end up distributed among colleges and universities in patterns that are very different from those of their white and Asian counterparts.