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She and her husband spent some time apart and once she started dating again, she was reminded that she was lovable and desirable."Oddly, getting cheated on completely changed my self-confidence for the better, and I've been able to hang onto that feeling ever since," she says.His advice: "Take it one day at a time and start prioritizing healthy habits, like going to the gym and starting therapy, to help you rebuild your life and your relationship." On the other hand, the wake of an affair can actually help you focus on yourself."People who recover from infidelity are usually able to go within themselves and recapture their center of power," says Kerner.(Here's why one woman stayed with her husband after he cheated.) Here's what kind of changes you can expect.Not surprisingly, not only will a victim of infidelity mistrust their partner sexually and emotionally, he or she might also begin to doubt them in other areas.

Then they discover sexual or emotional appreciation in the affair which, in turn, bolsters their confidence," says Kerner.

In fact, she points to her renewed sense of self-confidence as one of the reasons she was able to eventually reconcile with her husband.

Cheating can create a level of stress and anxiety that can trigger a depressive episode.

"For some people, an affair can make them lose focus on other aspects of their life.

Self-care, their career trajectory, friendships, and thoughtful parenting can all take a backseat," says Kerner.

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One mom of two from Connecticut found that she was more attracted to her husband than ever when she discovered he was having an affair.

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