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Chatter cyber sex

As suggested by previous research, perceived anonymity between online strangers increases disinhibition and playfulness.

Continuing the above dialogue, lines 39 through 48 below seem to work toward realignment through metacommunication.

However, without contextual cues normally available in face-to-face interaction, whether Wickmansa 'really' picked up on intentionality, competency, and playfulness -- or was merely using a common chat abbreviation -- was not certain to DRCSC.

Note that "LOL" stands for 'laughing out loud' and is among the most common Internet chat expressions (Grossman).

Thus, a witty and clever side that might not have been otherwise readily apparent was now 'viewable'.

To illustrate, the following lines are extracted from a tangential discussion about the Internet service provider America Online.

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We noticed at times, while sending instant messages, the need to make special accommodations to reconcile misunderstandings and effectively deal with interruptions.

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