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Or, if the joke did not make her laugh, it could at least be a neutral comment that would fill up the space until a new conversation could replace it.

“It’s freezing out there.” “Did you catch the Knicks game?

” “Ching chong.”With time to think, Cross did remember the incident.

In a follow-up statement, he recalled that he had said these things, but being from Georgia, he had said them in a campy Southern accent, which was part of an “asshole redneck racist” schtick he was doing.

Even its foreignness depends on the listener, not the speaker.

In America, a foreign accent often signals that an immigrant is speaking.

Charlyne did not understand, Cross says, that he was performing, doing a bit.

They love to meet daring gentlemen like you, and will make you blow the load of all loads.

At a party in 2007, David Cross made fun of a 20-year-old Charlyne Yi’s pants. Perhaps to rouse her, Cross then said “ching chong ching chong” and asked her if she would fight him, karate-style, in a Southern American accent.

Comedy is not my field of specialty, but it seems like a reference to karate is not enough to qualify as a joke.

The same can be said of intoning an “Asian accent.” An accent itself is not particularly funny.

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Last week, Yi recalled the encounter with extraordinary detail, even though it had happened a decade ago.

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