Celebrities dating younger sohee and gdragon dating

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While it is always sad to see a celeb couple part ways, usually we soon see the bereaved partners in the arms of their new love.

Although there are no set patterns to choosing partners after divorce, but there are quite a few instances of Bollywood celebs dating much younger partners soon after their divorce.

It may seem like a crazy age difference, but to be honest, Lopez looks like she hasn't aged in about 17 years, so they kind of look like the perfect match, appearance-wise. Unfortunately, after about two years together, Popsugar reports the two split. Lo dates is hopefully super gorgeous, probably super talented, and still not quite worthy of her amazing self. However, she's probably focused on her children still at this stage of her life, so who knows — maybe she'll date a hot young stud when she's in her 60s.

If you saw Gabrielle Union and didn't really know much about her, chances are you'd assume she was in her late 20s, or maybe early 30s at the latest.

Kutcher is now happily married to actress Mila Kunis, and the duo has two adorable children together, but still — his marriage to Demi definitely had a big impact on him, and he probably learned a lot from the experience and grew a lot as a person.

Over the years, Jennifer Lopez has dated everyone from rappers to actors to musicians to dancers — including dancer Casper Smart, who is 17 years younger than her.

While Hugh is likely the bigger star today thanks to his role as Wolverine when they first met, Hugh Jackman was an aspiring actor and Deborra-Lee Furness was an Aussie superstar.

If you don't follow these two on social media, you need to, because they're always posting absolutely adorable selfies together and just being total couple goals.

Now, the question is, would he let her win at a game of pick-up basketball?

We're pretty sure everyone would agree that Allison Janney is a straight up queen.

She's been slaying it in the television world and film world for years now, fearlessly tackling all kinds of roles, and she's just getting more and more buzz with each passing year.

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After all, she was playing high school students in the late '90s and early '00s!