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Capital dating district

The law firm was involved in cases against Equifax that resulted in a 0 million settlement for the more than 147 million people who had their personal information including Social Security numbers compromised.The law firm was also the lead counsel in a case against Yahoo that netted a 7,500,000 settlement for the massive data breach in 2016 that affected more than one billion users.According to the company, personal information belonging to more than 100 million people was compromised in the breach.Included in the breach is information dating back as far as 2005.

According to the National Development Planning Board (Bappenas), development of the new capital city will begin in 2020, and the construction of government buildings is targeted for completion in 2024.

Capital District Central Office (CDCO) meetings are held at PM on the second Tuesday of every month (with exceptions for national holidays) at the CDCO. If you have an event announcement you would like added to this page, email it to [email protected]

Make sure to include the event name (if any), date and time, location, group name (if applicable), a description of the event and a good point of contact for the event.

Another 80,000 linked bank account numbers were also exposed in the breach.

The Captial One breach is believed to have been carried out by one hacker, a 33-year-old former Amazon employee named Paige Thompson.

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You’d think with one data breach after another, companies would wise up and take responsibility for the data it collects from consumers, but unfortunately, they continue to shirk that responsibility.

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