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If you've hit a long, long rut of boredom, you might just be at the end of the line with this relationship. It means you and your partner are being yourselves, and you are happy together.It's something that naturally happens in a loving relationship. Below are five differences between boredom and comfort.The uncertainty that comes with an ex who still communicates with you is what fuels the “wanting” to be with him. You don’t know if and when you will see your ex again, and that causes anxiety and wanting which we often confuse for those amorous little butterflies.Basically, anyone who doesn’t give you anxiety, who doesn’t cause you to “want”, you don’t find exciting and therefore you think something is wrong, or missing.I do think you have a fear of commitment as you suspected, and yes, with that comes a love of the chase.It’s not that you have an aversion to good, decent, guys.Now is the time to figure out what yours is specifically and correct it.I’m now offering coaching packages of 3 or 5 sessions either over the phone or through email.

Women used to get married by arrangement, and dates only took place with chaperones. In all, there are five, and some of the ramifications are as follows: If you can identify with any of the above listed items, it’s highly likely you have one of the 5 patterns that I’m speaking of.

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I just feel like “something’s missing.” The guys always seem to be very interested in me and want to keep going out, but I find myself pulling away. I’ve only had two serious relationships in my life and it took me years to get over both of them. A lot of women turn down guys over and over again without really thinking through what it is that turns them on or off about someone.

Could I have commitment issues or just a love of the chase? In many cases, what a woman finds attractive in guy may not necessarily be a quality that is right for her in the long run, but without awareness of this, many females continue to chase the bad boy, or the guy that is good on paper, all the while alluding real love. Based on the information you gave me in your email, here is what I think is going on.

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