Bored bad dating stories pua openers for online dating

Posted by / 18-Aug-2020 14:35

” and explain everything about why women love bad boys in as much detail as possible.

Plus, I’ll list many core reasons why most girls will not respect nice guys or even give them the time of day, instead choosing to go out with men who aren’t so “nice”.

Because you’ll develop bad boy attitude and lifestyle which helps a lot with attraction.

And you’ll learn how to avoid all the biggest nice guy mistakes.

If there was actually a guy who’d treat women bad because he WANTED to, he would not be a “bad boy”.When a woman becomes attracted to you on a gut instinct level, her heart starts racing, her pupils widen, her muscles tense up, she gets that pit-of-the-stomach feeling and also becomes a little lightheaded. You guessed it; many other negative states, like fear, anxiety, worry.She will feel uncomfortable and will naturally seek to alleviate her discomfort by shit-testing you and seeing if you’ll crumble under the pressure.But it can very well change your whole life if you read and understand everything here and then take the necessary steps to apply the knowledge.In fact, I promise you that if you read it all and prevent yourself from making the mistakes that I’m going to mention below, you’ll get laid much more often than you do now!

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Before you find out, you should know that most people’s whole concept of “bad boys” is usually WRONG.