Beijing dating scene

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Beijing dating scene

Of course nowadays it seems more appropriate that the character for the word "love" be written with a money radical!

Dating With Chinese Characteristics (or Love Chinese Style) Whether you're trying to figure out how to win the heart of that special Chinese someone or you want to paoqi - break up with) them, this Comrade Language is for you.

I mean "sincere romantic overtures" that are guaranteed to result in some sort of physical contact, even if it is just a slap in the face!

Now here's some pillow talk and come-ons that have served me well over the years: For The Romantic (langman) "Haikushilan cixinbuyi - (Should the seas run dry and rocks turn to mush, I shall always remain faithful).

Make sure you have a China Air sickbag handy if you use this line.

Xing saorao -- (sexual harassment) and daigou - (generation gaps) aside, your humble Comrade is always happy to share the wisdom of his many years of fengfude jingyan - (abundant amorous experience).

Fearing that I may be a bit rusty, I took a lesson from Taiwan-funded shoe factories and used as many underaged workers as I could find to keep my shouzhi- (finger) on the maibo-(pulse) of the dating scene.

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You and your date should dip your french fries into the same torn-open packet of ketchup (it's considered intimate).

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