B c rich dating

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B c rich dating

Neal worked as a sub-contractor for Bernie Rico (BC Rich) from 1974 to 1985.

During his time with BC Rich, he conceived, designed, and built the first Bich 10 string prototype guitar.

a 88xxx serial number guitar would have been built in 1984).

Most references to BCR serialization miss this point.Beginning in 1976, the numbers started with the year then the number of production (YYXXX).Since more than 1000 guitars were produced many years, the numbers became increasingly inaccurate through the 1980s, ending up about 4 years behind (i.e.These hand-carved wonders were built off of Neal Moser's original 1978 body templates, using the same exotic woods (black African walnut, maple and Brazilian rosewood) as the original prototype model.Due to contract issues between Neal Moser and Hanser Holdings Int'l, only 16 of the PMS models were produced.

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After Class Axe took over there were a number of different serial schemes designated for the American, Asian and Bolt-on guitars.