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I would almost say that my favorite is Michael Beihn as Hicks, just because I like his work & consider him to be underrated.But I also like Lance Henriksen as Bishop, William Hope as Lt. The final scene for Gorman & Vasquez still chokes me up after seeing it many times. Ripley is the template for the modern action heroine.

I am just going to add my voice to the chorus of praise for this movie.

It is as near to being perfect as any I have ever seen.

I will not say that it is much better than Alien - which is just about near to being perfect also. I have rarely seen a movie where all the characters were so well developed.

See more » An additional scene shows Ripley searching for Newt and finding Burke who has been cocooned and impregnated.

Burke begs Ripley to shoot him, instead she hands him a grenade.

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Using specially modified machine guns and enough firepower, it's either fight or die as the space marines battle against the aliens.

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