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(2) Hazrat Mirza sahib never ruled that funeral prayers for non-Ahmadis were disallowed.

(3) Hazrat Mirza sahib's practice was not contrary to his rulings, but according to them.

He presented the differences between the two parties in a crystal clear way, putting them in sharp contrast against each other. Their position on this issue is entirely weak and unsound.

He added that if Mirza Mahmud Ahmad wishes to have judges to the debate, then the Maulana would nominate five judges all of them from among the Qadianis.

Mirza Mahmud Ahmad rejected this offer, and dared not accept having even his own followers as judges, as nominated by the Maulana.

In this, he explained to them the standpoint taken by Hazrat Mirza sahib, in allowing his followers to say the funeral prayers for other Muslims, and challenged any Qadiani to deny these plain facts.

He writes: (1) There are four rulings of the Promised Messiah, two from the years 19, allowing us to say the funeral prayers of a non-Ahmadi.

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The scanned image of that page from the original Urdu book is shown below, along with the English translation of the relevant passage as published by the Qadianis themselves: "(1) ...

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