Adult banner dating exchange

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Adult banner dating exchange

To do this make sure that your impressions are "saved for sale or later usage" - this is set in Banner Manager individually for each banner spot.If you do not have your banners uploaded then your impressions will always be saved.The higher traffic and visitor you get, the greater the convertion rate of earnings of your website also.

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For more information see topic All users coming through any given site will eventually leave that site.

By providing links to and from other relevant sites you exchange leaving users for fresh users, thus exposing your site to a greater number of people.

But if you have your banners uploaded and set your impressions to power your banners - then all your impressions will be used in real time to rotate your banner ads and you won't be able to sell them. Our banner management team will investigate immediately and remove it from rotation.

We do not welcome too suggestive, tasteless, obscene, confusing or offensive banners, but sometimes it is difficult to satisfy all of our exchange members.

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You will get a healthy exchange rate 5:4 and detailed traffic statistics.

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